RF - Birthdays....

Berta Allen chrystal_dragon at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 30 20:59:46 PST 2001

Great idea Lorraine!
Since neither of them are on this list, we might think about an
impromtu celebration? I will bring a b-day cake if others will
pitch in on drink, plates, napkins, forks etc.

Michael of Twin Cedars is diabetic, so any sugar-free sweets are great.
Klar is allergic to nutra-sweet.
(ironic twist, born on the same day -
glad both are not both diabetic and allergic to nutra-sweet...)

Last month we discussed ordering pizza...
Productive A&S night, B-day party, cake & pizza(?) and good company, - can't 
beat that!

>Klar and Twincedar's annual birthday bash
>did not get off the ground this year
>Mayhaps we can do some celebrating
>at the Social Meeting...
>Lorraine DeerSlayer
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