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Mon Apr 1 15:43:00 PST 2002

Ok, MEA CULPA!  It helps when I get all the way through the 300+ e-mails
BEFORE I start answering.  Consider me Chagrined.

Mistress Jalali, who's pretty red-faced right now.    ;-)

Wesley wrote:
> Heya,
>     THIS is the OFFICIAL List for Gate at Day at the Court
>     We have plenty of space left open for gate. This is the shifts open.
> 4pm-6pm(Full)
> Clarissima
> Lady Ashlin
> 6pm-8pm(full)
> Brian
> Mary
> 8pm-10pm(full)
> Brian
> Chad
> 10pm-12am(Full)
> Beth sweinbrother
> Olivia
> 12am-2am(Full)
> Marius
> Jalali
> 2am-4am
> Hroowyna Standohtor
> 4am-6am
> 6am-8am
> Piroska
> 8am-10am
> 10am-12pm
> 12pm-2pm
> Lisa
> All these places have no body to work them. Each shift needs two people to
> work it. Anyone who wants to volenteer to work a shift send me an email so I
> can add you to the list. I will keep the list up to date on gate shifts
> thatt are needed. Thank you for any help.
> Arturus Gellenus Tiberious

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