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primus             huzzah to thee little mother!                 you have one
of each now

you get  to try to program a human of both sexes for a happy life....

may most if not all of your random effects be pleasant and or benificial dear

(luck.. ? god...  the easter zombie....?  we all have our issues...*smile*)

but i can wish you happy logic ........                     *kiss kiss*

and long and heathy lives for you and your children....


uh i recently remembered some BONES? you mentioned once..


i remembered the afformentioned  when i made this *uhrm..* ( i almost said
buttload )
of prints of  scroll illumination blackworks and scratch transfers of most of
my scroll work elements (along with a serious mess of early and later lesser
works in black and white.)from most  of my scrolls i've done for the baroney
etc.   for use by your gracious mother and your blessed (twice) self *smile*
in the quothe the Raven   in whatever way you wish in good taste     *smile*

it is my wish that you might consider useing them as an insert primer for
scroll illumination in

the Quothe  (Sp?)

oh and i'll of course submit it with a copy of the form she gave me
safe journeys,
oh is anyone from your camp attending kingdom qualifications       for the
Amptguard kingdom of the wetlands this weekend out at Kate Barr Ross (Sp?)
by the airport?
safe journeys

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