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Just a quick weather report for those who are going to the Elfsea event from
one who lives a mere few miles from the site.  It is supposed to rain all
weekend and be on the nippy side for this time of year.  Just a quick heads

Athaulf, if you are going to the Elfsea event let me know, I've got some
staves of rattan for you.


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>Greetings from Their Excellence's of The Barony of Raven's Fort,
>Some notes of what is happening in The Barony of Raven's Fort.
>First, We wish to speak to the issue of awards.
>As of this date, We have received no award recommendations, for any type of
>awards, for the upcoming Day in the Court of the Great Kahn.
>We need those by Friday so we may package them and send them up to the
>Crown for consideration and processing. TRM require that awards
>recommendations be submitted three (3) weeks in advance of the event and
>please copy the B&B on them.
>Please, get your award recommendations to us no later than Friday. We can
>take them Thursday night at Populace also. Hard copy, soft copy, email or
>If you have sent your recommendations into the Crown and forgot to copy the
>B&B, please do so ASAP so we may add our words.
>Please remember the Populace meeting this Thursday night, April 4th at 7pm
>in the Huntsville Fire Department, Station Number 2 located on Sam Houston
>Ave in Huntsville.
>Those needing directions, please let Us know and they will be provided.
>At this Populace meeting, HE Kezia will be giving an overview of the use of
>rewards. This covers the use of gifts, largesse and awards for rewarding
>those that have impressed someone or have achieved something. She will also
>go over some basic court etiquette from those that have been asking, "What
>do I do when I get called into court"?
>It is asked that all that can, please wear grab to this meeting.
>Following the meeting, there will a migration to someplace for dinner.
>In other activities in the Barony..................
>We will be traveling to the Barony of Elfsea Springfaire event this weekend
>to the investiture of Lord Daniel & Lady Siobhan as the Baron and Baroness
>of Elfsea.
>We plan to leave Friday during the day as there is the Winston 500 NASCAR
>race across the hwy from the site of the Elfsea Springfaire event at
>Hawkwood in Ft. Worth. Those wishing to caravan or that might be attending,
>please let us know and we can save a spot for your camp. Plans are to be
>back in time for fighter practice on Sunday, so all that can bring your
>armour and A&S projects to Fighter Practice on April 7th at 3pm at the
>Gazebo in Huntsville.
>There will not be a Mini-tourney this month in Raven's Fort due to the
>event, Day in the Court of the Great Kahn, being held the last weekend.
>Plans are being looked into for one in May.
>There are several work days left prior to the event. They are....
>April 12-14
>April 21
>Those needing additional work days may contact either Sir Keif, The Site
>Agent or Lady Clarissima, Seneschal or Us (the B&B) about access to the
>On April 20th, plans are for several Raven's Forter's to attend the
>Bordermarch Spring Melees at Jones Country. We plan to day trip that event
>as we have a work day planned for April 21st, Sunday.
>While we do not at this time plan to attend, remember that The Canton of
>Gates Edge is hosting Academy of the Bow, April 12-14. Please, see the
>Gatesedge web page for further info on the event.
>The end of April brings us to our event, Day In The Court Of the Great
>Kahn. Lord Magnus is the Steward with Lord Dolfin of Cork the Feast
>Steward. If you have not made your feast reservation as of yet, please do
>so ASAP. See the Blackstar or www.ravensfort.org for their email or phone
>numbers for questions and or feast reservations.
>The theme of the event is Mongolian. Currently there are several that plan
>to come in Mongolian clothing and we anticipate several Mongol visitors
>from west of Raven's Fort.
>At the event we will be holding championships for Bardic, Archery,
>Equestrian, Haflemaster (Knife,Axe&Spear) and Vinting/Brewing. Details of
>the competitions will be announced as we get closer to the event and on the
>event information handout at the gate.
>We are looking for someone that has a desire to run a Mongolian wrestling
>contest. Anyone interested in that, please contact TE Niklas or Kezia.
>Any questions about the event can be directed to Us (the B&B), Lady
>Clarissima, Seneschal, or Lord Magnus, the Event Steward.
>Other activities in the Barony include.....
>Scribes at HE Crystals on April 11th at her residence. Contact HE Crystal
>for further information.
>Raven's Fort Business meeting on April 18th at Citizens Bank of Texas in
>New Waverly at 7pm.
>Fighter Practice each Sunday,at 3pm at the Gazebo located at Ave O and 19th
>Street in Huntsville. Except April 28th (day after the event, please come
>help with event clean up).
>I am told there may be a Star Gazers session at the Stones of Raven's Fort
>on Saturday, April 13th evening. We will consult with Sir Keif the local
>Star Gazer and report back.
>Looking into the month of May,
>Plans are to have a push for attendance and a vibranate Raven's Fort camp
>at Steppes Warlord, May 24-27. HE Brian and HE Niklas will be cooking Stir
>Fry for those that are at the camp on Saturday evening. Plans for that
>event will be announced as they become available.
>Persons have asked Us as to what events we will be trying to attend. Below
>is a tentative Baronial Progress. It is subject to change and the usual
>disclaimers....your mileage may vary, batteries not included, some assembly
>date:           event:                                  accommodations:
>April 5-7       Elfsea Springfaire                      Camping @ event
>April 12-14     Work Days @ Stones                      Maybe camp????
>April 20        Bordermarch Spring Mellees              Day Trip at this
>April 21        Work Day @ Stones
>April 26-28     Day in the Court of the Great Kahn      Camping @ Stones
>May 3-5 Squires & Cadets                        Daytrip
>May 10-12       pass out @ home :)
>May 17-19       Loch Sollier Baronial                   Daytrip
>May 24-27       Steppes Warlord                 Camping @ event
>June 28-30      Midsummers Faire                        Daytrip
>July 12-14      Coronation                              Overnight (depends
>on location)
>July 19-21      Kings Round Table                       Overnight (depends
>on location)
>August  TBA......
>Spetember       Defender, Sept 20-22
>We would love to see as many as can, attend the events we plan to visit. If
>anyone has any questions about the events or travel plans, please let Us
>In closing, the activities occurring in the Barony are wonderful !!!!! But
>they do not come without a price. Please support them and thank the people
>that plan, produce and provide the activities and support actions of them.
>If anyone has an activity or event that they wish to do, let Us or Lady
>Clarissima, the Seneschal, know so may help you.
>As usual, any questions, complaints, ideas or the such, please contact us.
>In Service,
>H.E. Niklas Vasilevich          H.E. Kezia Kiabarta
>Baron                           Baroness
>Barony of Raven's Fort
>Kingdom or Ansteorra
>Society for Creative Anachronism
>                 Data Marketing Associates, Inc.  |  Houston, Texas
>                         pgilbert at datamktg.com  |  281-579-2995
>                                        www.datamktg.com
>Paul Gilbert,   KE5ZW                   H.E. Niklas Vasilevich,
>Huntsville, Texas                       Baron of The Barony Raven's Fort
>niklas at pbgilbert.net                    CSM, Crane, ORH, KGA , AoA
>936-291-9532 home                               Kingdom of Ansteorra
>936-581-5632 cellular                           Society for Creative
>                               AIM Name: KE5ZW
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