[Ravensfort] We're dancin', yeah!

Tyr Tjuguskegg tjuguskegg at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 4 16:10:28 PST 2002

Hello Folks,

A little clarification on the directions, coming south on I-45 the Needham
rd/242 exit is under construction so it is actually the F.M. 1488 exit, it
does have the exit marked for Needham rd, but you have to stay on the access
road for a ways to get to 242, then just go to Alden Woods Dr, and cont with
the posted directions.

Will be looking forward to sharing our home with our friends.

Svana Skoterska and
Tyrfingr "Tyr" Tjuguskegg

>If you go south on 45 to 242(Needham rd) from Huntsville, and go
>right (west), then go to the third light, which is Alden Woods Dr, and
>go left (south) and go to the second street West Elm Crescent, it is
>141 East Elm Crescent.

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