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ah so this is how this all started...         now that i've found the begining
i'll start here..*smile*

uhurm!      poor?    not from what  i've seen of your family. *smile*

lonely?    really? you shouldn't be ... again from what i've seen of your

household?    you've one of the nicest i know...           now with one of the
best dancers!

and black balls are easily discarded into the nearest waste receptical

along with those who use such things...

and those who value them....


as for shade                                    hey there's a lot to be said
for a strong trunk.

and i saw on the T.V. news (so it MUST be true)

1st. cousins
 are only 3 % more likely to have children with birth defects ! *GRIN*
safe journeys,

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>Alas, I'm but a poor, lonely orphan in this Barony.
>No family member am I...not for lack of desire.
>Just lack of courage to ask for fear of blackballing!
>My tree offers NO shade whatsoever!
>Carpe Diem Ex Illo Vitae Opprime!
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