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>From: "Kief av Kiersted"
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>Subject: Re: [Ravensfort] Re: What Babe!?
>Date: Fri, 05 Apr 2002 19:41:34 -0600
>Heilsa King of the FireMonkees...
>>From: "KING Of The Firemonkeys"
>>oh oh the viking is popping his polite CLAWS! hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....
>>(shall it stay CIVIL he wondered or will it degenerate to MY
>>level )
>>safe journeys,
>Yep...that I did. Just general advice for everyone that they should

>careful in their choice of aquaintances... hmmmmmmm?        ok so it didn't
have any pointed references?   not directed at doug

*GRIN*                nah not at all......                             *sigh*
>Nope, won't stay civil, I know the nature of my enemy. Like the

>said to the dying turtle just before drowning, "It's my nature.". you BOTH
have big stingers man!             but ol Nick is right this ain't the place

UNLESS it's relevent to the BARONY         in which case i say as i always
have LAY ON!

but not if it's just personal "you suck"    "no YOU suck"        stuff

now if you guy's use some real creativity and panash (sp?) i'll be happy to
watch and read..

but pissy back biting is why i left the whole biz before  and it get's no
where           as i learned last time....

and i don't wanna see it really                           i think the barony
is a shattered mirror..

irrevocably broken,  beyond repair....      so many factions and splits    so
many hurt feelings and wounded hearts.....

i pity poor kezia and nickolas too   (sp?)          they have quite the task
heading this rabble

we have become eh?                         the real sad thing is there are
folk around that still care

actually MOST still do        they are just so entrenched in their own
perspectives of what needs to be done and how it needs to be done.....

i wonder if i'm right....                     if the circle is broken beyond

forever,                              it will take more than one or two
strident voices yelling NO!

it would take ALL of them          in chorus....

and many won't even enter the band hall if (insert enemy's name here) is in

and that is what will be the doom of us........

sad isn't it.....                              me i'm tired of yelling

                                                  i'm tired of crying

                                                  i'm tired of caring

but unlike the sweet Denni....         i do live here

so i'll go on watching      and listening            and fiddle whilst rome

till the hero shows up....                           or nothing is left but
ashes and memory...
>*LoL* Ragan, ol' stud, No One can take it (not down, but) *to* your

>*smile* oh i can take it DOWN alright               to where even I am

i here formally apologize to DSD for how low i can go.       it was wrong to
go there.

and i'm sorry i did....                let's all try to learn from my mistake

*sigh*           before we say things we regret

we SHOULD think         we ALL should think....      allways.


"always get the facts first and be sure of them BEFORE you blow up"

and maybe the facts still aren't worth the price of rage.....

i should know....                   rage has cost me much in the past

far TOO much.

>Safe journeys to you and yours...

and to thee and thine                                tell jane hello for me if
she dosen't think im the devil eh

i allways thought she was special                 she's got that glow about
>Wæs Þu Hæl in TroÞ and FriÞ...!

>"Better the Hammer than the nail..." HA I ALWAYS LOVED THAT LINE!


The Horned God
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