[Ravensfort] RE:Fighter practice this Sunday

Watson Jeffrey J edric at edricsrose.com
Sat Apr 6 11:46:44 PST 2002

The word from Balda is Maybe. If it's raining no, if it isn't yes.

I hate to give hand waiving directions but I don't know the names of streets. Take either Harvey road or Briarcrest, that will take you all the way to
Huntsville. When you come in to town you will pass over I-45. on your right will be McDonald's, Texas Burger, The Junction, and then a Brookshire
Brothers grocery store. Take a right on the street just past the Brookshire's(in otherwords the road goes beside the store). After that take your first
left and follow the road to the Gazebo. It will be on your left and there are rugby fields behind it. The fighter practice is at the gazebo.


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