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Olivia G. Rodrigues ladyoliviar at lycos.com
Sat Apr 6 19:16:46 PST 2002

I posted privately to Clarissima with a cc to Marius and Niklas but I was a coward.  I should have posted to the list as Ragan and Beth did.

Basically, I wrote that I disagreed with the discipline meated out in light of the very facts as presented by Beth.

Now, everyone knows I have no love for Lorraine but I do have a great measure of respect for Marius and Kief simply because they've always shown me such...BUT...in this instance, Kief may or may not have intentionally thrown the first gaunlet but certainly Lorraine drew first blood. I think a month is extremely lenient given the personal venom spouted.  This opinion is not based on any personal feeling, simply fact in accordance with the chronology of the postings in question.

My next point, and I may catch holy hell for actually puttng it out here but I've been holding my tongue on this far too long, is this:
Why is everyone so damned deferential towards Kief and Lorraine?  Is there a fear of 'losing' the use of the site if we tick either of them off?  Is it that Kief is our founding Baron and we just give the slack to Lorraine because she's with him?  WHAT IS IT?  Why isn't everyone treated equally within this Barony?

I've usually held my tongue and tried to be a voice of reason but this has gone on long enough.  Whatever personal problems Marius, Kief and/or Lorraine have should be kept off the list, off the site and out of the Barony.  I said before, in a posting months ago, that the use of the list to garner allies is childish and beyond the pale.  It needs to stop.  Magnus brought up interesting alternatives but that defeats the purpose of this list.  Why should any of us be subjected to their personal war?  Why can't we just be trading information, sharing some laughs and 'e-bonding', as Beth put it?

As I stated above, I know I'll catch hell from someone for this so...bring it on.  I've had about enough of the private wars being made public and I hope most all of you have as well.

Hazzah Beth and Ragan!


Carpe Diem Ex Illo Vitae Opprime!

On Sat,  6 Apr 2002 17:02:50
 Beth Atchley wrote:
> Dear friends and fellow Raven's Forters,
>	I normally do not post to this list, but I read every posting. I have been moved by recent postings and subsequent actions to respond.
>	I would like to begin by saying that I do not feel any animosity towards any of the people involved, I count most of them as close friends and hope this will still be the case after my comments.
>	I will begin with my perceptions of how things unfolded. Please feel free to correct me if I have misunderstood (politely if possible if not I can take that too):
>1.	Banter and camaraderie was taking place. "E-bonding "if you will, the kind of thing that connects us as a Barony and helps to salve old wounds.
>2.	Marius was participating in kind when someone seemed to say that she had had to videos stolen from her house (she could have loaned them out and they did not come home, she did not specify), and he offered some advice.
>3.	Kief responded professing his agreement. I was surprised that he had responded to Marius' comment in light of their falling-out, but I took his words at face value: an attempt to participate in the exchange.
>4.	Marius responded as if he had been offended. Confused, I reread Kief's posting and realized that it could be interpreted as sarcastic. If this was Kief's intention it was unnecessary and uncalled for and Marius was perfectly justified in being offended (not in responding publicly). At this point Marius had said nothing on the list that could be seen as a dig at Kief. Marius even tried to maintain this bantering tone to a certain extent.
>5.	Then Lorraine posted the most personal and venomous comment of the whole exchange. Marius knows how she and Kief feel and it is not necessary for her to rub his nose in it while insinuating that the rest of the members of the list feel likewise.
>6.	At this point things exploded into the childish and petty name calling that we as a barony have become used to from 2 grown men who in times past have given their utmost to this Barony.
>As for the disciplinary action that was taken by Clarissima, I think that it shows bias. I personally feel that the punishments were applied inversely to the offense. A verbal warning is too light for Lorraine's venomous comment and 6 months is too harsh for Marius defending himself. I feel it would be better to apply a 1-month ban across the board.
>Thank you for listening,
>Amalasuintha Sweinbrothar

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