[Ravensfort] Remember these words ---Family & Friendship---

Shane Wallace sdwsdw30 at totalzone.com
Wed Apr 10 07:34:00 PDT 2002

Dear Friends and Family of Raven's Fort,
I appeal to all of your good senses. Please stop the fighting on the
Raven's Fort List, it's causing our beloved barony to become the
laughing stock of the kingdom. If I may be so bold, I would suggest that
you contact the person your having problems with by telephone, direct
email, face to face contact, or a good old fashion letter. This way it
doesn't cause any more embarrassment to the barony. The Raven's Fort
list is an open list in which many people from other areas in our
kingdom subscribe too. I know various people in other area's of the
kingdom and their all asking me "What in the world is going on in
Raven's Fort with all of the fighting?" I simply respond by saying, "I
don't know and really don't want to know". I would remind everyone that
we are a family or at least very close friends, so let's keep it that
way. I know that I'm new the the barony, but Lisa and I really care
about all of our new friends and family and we don't want to see anyone
get their feelings hurt. So this is a plea for "PEACE". Now I challenge
all members of Raven's Fort to submit a positive message to the Raven's
Fort List. Preferably one that shows you care.
-----now lets act like it------

Submitted with the highest respect and deepest sincerity,
Malcolm De Crauford of Ellerslie.......aka........Shane

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