[Ravensfort] Raven's For Happenings....April 11, 2002

Paul Gilbert niklas at pbgilbert.net
Thu Apr 11 16:56:33 PDT 2002

Greetings from Their Excellences, Baron Niklas and Baroness Kezia,

Some notes and reminders of activities this weekend and upcoming.......

But first let me address a recent issue that has raised it's ugly
head....net etiquette....or how to play nice on the internet and email.

I please, ask that all that use the Raven's Fort email list, please use
common sense and good judgment in how, what and why they post messages to
the Raven's Fort email list.

I will not go over the recent posting by Lady Clarissima, Seneschal of the
Barony as to what to post, what not to post and what will happen when folks
get in a flame war.

Her message was sent clear as a bell as to what to do/not to do and what
will/can happen.

However, the necessary policies that she has set forth is not to be taken
as inhibiting friendly banter among everyone such as the recent "Rules
According to Guys" that Dusty sent out. It was great and very funny
and...oh how true!

The list is here for friendly conversations about SCA, Raven's Fort items,
items of interest (try to keep them on topic, but an occasional off topic
is ok), information about events, work days, activities, event trip plans,
contacting folks, and the list goes on and on of what we can use this email
list for.

I plead with all, to use common sense before you post that message. We want
to make the Barony a tight knit group of very good friends, that have a
common goal and love...The SCA and the The Barony of Raven's Fort.

The email list can help do this.

Please help Us out in this arena.

On other items........................

We want to thank with a great big THANKS to HL Signy (instructing) and Lord
Tyr and Lady Svana (for providing a place to dance at their home) for the
new Raven's Fort Dance Guild practice held Tuesday evening. I was unable to
attend, but Kezia was there and said that everyone had a great time and for
the time being it will be a weekly event.

This is ABSOLUTELY GREAT!!!! and with this momentum the Barony can move
forward and learn skills and crafts of the period that will give all things
to talk about and do in the SCA and Raven's Fort.

Again, thank you very much.

BEEP   BEEEPPP   BEEEEPPPPPP .................... WORK DAYS !!!!!! this

Saturday, the site will be opened (anyone know the time? I have not seen it
posted yet) for folks to come work on things for the upcoming event "Day at
the Court of the Great Kahn".

Please, see Lady Clarissima's list of things that need to be done for the
site. Some are long term, some are short term and can be accomplished
easily and in one day.

We ask that folks come prepared to work on the site for the Barony this
weekend. I know that some personal sites may need some work, but, I ask
that this weekend be devoted to work on the site as a whole so that it is
ready for the event.

With the recent rains, there will be some mowing needing to be done and
there are some gullies at the entrance of the site that really badly need
to be filled in. There are many other items also that need tending to.

Lord Magnus, Lord Dolfin, Lady Clarissima, HE Kezia, HE Brian and others
will at the site with suggestions as to what can be done.

Sunday, I am sure more will be done based upon what get's done on Saturday.

 From what We have heard, a BBQ or cooking of some type of food will take
place also. So those wishing to help or suggest in this endeavor, please
post you ideas.
I am also told there may be a Star Gazers session at the Stones of Raven's Fort
on Saturday, April 13th evening. Stay tuned for more information on that.

There are two work sessions left prior to the event. They are....

April 13-14 (see above on info and suggestions)
April 21

Those needing additional work days may contact either Sir Keif, The Site

There will not be a Mini-tourney in April due to the
event, Day in the Court of the Great Kahn, being held the last weekend.
Plans are being looked into for one in May.

Currently plans are being made on April 20th for several Raven's Forter's
to attend the
Bordermarch Spring Melees at Jones Country. We plan to day trip that event
as we have a work day planned for April 21st, Sunday.

While we do not at this time plan to attend, remember that The Canton of
Gates Edge is hosting Academy of the Bow, April 12-14. Please, see the
Gatesedge web page for further info on the event.

The end of April brings us to our event, Day In The Court Of the Great
Kahn. Lord Magnus is the Steward with Lord Dolfin of Cork the Feast
Steward. If you have not made your feast reservation as of yet, please do
so ASAP. See the Blackstar or www.ravensfort.org for their email or phone
numbers for questions and or feast reservations.

The theme of the event is Mongolian. Currently there are several that plan
to come in Mongolian clothing and we anticipate several Mongol visitors
from west of Raven's Fort.

At the event we will be holding championships for Bardic, Archery,
Equestrian, Haflemaster (Knife,Axe&Spear) and Vinting/Brewing. Details of
the competitions will be announced as we get closer to the event and on the
event information handout at the gate.

Any questions about the event can be directed to Us (the B&B), Lady
Clarissima, Seneschal, or Lord Magnus, the Event Steward.

Other activities in the Barony include.....

Scribes at HE Crystals on April 11th at her residence. Contact HE Crystal
for further information.

Raven's Fort Business meeting on April 18th at Citizens Bank of Texas in
New Waverly at 7pm.

Fighter Practice each Sunday,at 3pm at the Gazebo located at Ave O and 19th
Street in Huntsville. Except April 28th (day after the event, please come
help with event clean up).

Looking into the month of May,

Plans are to have a push for attendance and a vibrant Raven's Fort camp
at Steppes Warlord, May 24-27. HE Brian and HE Niklas will be cooking Stir
Fry for those that are at the camp on Saturday evening. Plans for that
event will be announced as they become available.

Persons have asked Us as to what events we will be trying to attend. Below
is a tentative Baronial Progress. It is subject to change and the usual
disclaimers....your mileage may vary, batteries not included, some assembly

date:                   event:                                  accommodations:

April 12-14             Work Days @ Stones                      Maybe camp????
April 20                Bordermarch Spring Mellees              Day Trip at
this time
April 21                Work Day @ Stones
April 26-28             Day in the Court of the Great Kahn      Camping @
May 3-5         Squires & Cadets                        Daytrip
May 10-12       pass out @ home :)
May 17-19       Loch Sollier Baronial                   Daytrip
May 24-27       Steppes Warlord                 Camping @ event
June 28-30      Midsummers Faire                        Daytrip
July 12-14              Coronation                              Overnight
on location)
July 19-21              Kings Round Table                       Overnight
on location)
August  TBA......
Spetember       Defender, Sept 20-22

We would love to see as many as can, attend the events we plan to visit. If
anyone has any questions about the events or travel plans, please let Us know.

In closing, the activities occurring in the Barony are wonderful !!!!! But
they do not come without a price. Please support them and thank the people
that plan, produce and provide the activities and support actions of them.

If anyone has an activity or event that they wish to do, let Us or Lady
Clarissima, the Seneschal, know so may help you.

As usual, any questions, complaints, ideas or the such, please contact us.

In Service,

H.E. Niklas Vasilevich          H.E. Kezia Kiabarta
Baron                                  Baroness

Barony of Raven's Fort
Kingdom or Ansteorra
Society for Creative Anachronism

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