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Terri C. Busa busa at texed.net
Fri Apr 12 22:58:56 PDT 2002

You Are Invited to Attend---

Montgomery Middle School in Montgomery, Texas invites you to come to our
annual Renaissance Festival.  The students on my campus (5th and 6th
graders) really enjoy seeing the wonderful skills everyone is able to
display.  They remember who was there last year and are asking if you are
coming again this year.

Who:            Fighters (Chivalric, Rapier), Archers, Bards, Artisans,

What:           Montgomery Middle School Renaissance Festival

When:           Friday, May 24, 2002  8:30-2:30 (about) Lunch will be

Where:          Montgomery Middle School
                    Montgomery, TX 77316
About 15 miles west of Conroe, and NORTH of the Houston/Woodlands Friday
Stepps travel traffic. A map will be sent out in May

Already Participating --if your name is missing please let me know—some
e-mails were lost in transferring information to a new computer :-(
Lord Balda
Lord Dolfin of Cork
Tammy (Dolfin’s Lady)
Lord Magnus von Lubek
Alexander Navarre
Lord Bohin Scheurer Le Taureau
Lady Serin Le Rapp Scheurer

Still Needed:
Archers—We are approved for combat archery (inside--air conditioning :-) )
Bards— We are in desperate need of people to perform songs, stories, and/or
Siege Engine—Anyone have one they can demonstrate??  We have a football
field on campus.

Please contact me if you have any questions or are willing/able to

Isobail inghean Gilla Chriosd
Terri Busa
(936) 597-7612 (before 9 pm please)
busa at texed.net

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