[Ravensfort] A Tale of Ouch!

Mary R rufus67 at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 14 22:45:51 PDT 2002

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Oh!  I forgot to say many thanks to the VERY nice people who helped me today
in my hour of pain/despair/utter stupidity..

So, thanks Shane for the ice and carrying me to the car.  Thanks Joy for
MAKING me do the right thing.  Thanks Gail for driving the truck home.  Thanks
Katie for distracting me and calling me "mamma" (she has such beautiful eyes,
doesn't she?).  Thanks Paul and Barbara for checking my wounds and issuing
words of wisdom.  And Lorraine..how do I thank you for what you did (what a
creative way to get in the ER to see me!)?  Dusty is still twitching! LOL..  I
of course owe him many a foot massages for putting up with my cranky butt (I
really do hate hospitals) and holding me when he could have been at home
relaxing from a hard day of work (and let me not forget that he skipped eating
to stay with me).

I am truly blessed to have such friends who care about me.  I love you guys!

                         Mary - who has not any taken pain medicine...yet

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