[Ravensfort] A Tale of Ouch!

Mary R rufus67 at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 15 07:43:11 PDT 2002

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Let's see if I can answer the questions correctly..Dusty may have to help!
*Jeopardy music theme playing in the background*

whattdidyah DO? let me see if i can piece it together from your clues..

uh you chopped your foot? with an ax? while....chopping..... stubs ? wood?

--you are getting warm.

and cut yourself ... but didn't lose any toes?

--getting warmer!

and they said, "eeeew yeah , you need stiches in that girl."

--oops! getting cooler.

 " yeah you go get that sewed up girlfriend"

--getting colder.

 "wow looka that thing GUSH!" that sorta thing...

--way cold! (very minimal gushing..)

and you went to HMH? and seem to have survived the experiance despite what
they did to yah...

--yeah, I survived, but 6 hours is a long time to go without food, water,
cigarettes, and potty breaks.

and now you have a bigol wound that will become a scar to lie about and tell
people stories about your days lumberjacking in the great american north

--SCAR?!  They didn't tell me I would have a scar! Oh, no!  But yes, if there
is a scar you have given me a great idea of what to tell the grandkids (boy!
you be puttin' that axe down, or you gonna hurt yo'sef).

cool... can i see it? can i? huh CAN I? *grin* coooooool.

--no, I was going to let you, but now I am not so sure.
oh wait i almost forgot to say what i always say when people i know hurt

themselves? did it hurt? did yah CRY? heh heh i hope your smiling NOW !

--yes, only in front of Dusty, and YES!


--thanks  :o)
watch them pain pills now.. they'll have yah hearin demons an crap after a


--that explains those crazy dreams! LOL
get well quick and may your pains be little ones.
So Mote it be,
safe journeys



--So did I win a new car?!  Or just an all expense paid trip to the funny

--Ragan, I now name you.."Bringer of Booze for the wounded Mary".
Hugz to you, too!

                                           Dusty -her new male nurse

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