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woden's day is anything can happen day to the cultist's of the Mouse god.....

well the elders that is...

MMMMM. I. C. See you real Soon! K. E. Y. WHY? BECAUSE WE LIKE YOU!


maybe it's a sign that euroDisney is is france.......         (just so gwyyn
can get it too)

but can the rifts be closed,            aye,          there's the rub......

those that need to will understand i think.


i'd like to sit in a reading circle and hear stories read

the one about that hell raising headbanging teen that harrassed the freaking

YOMES/?vikings with ROCKS!     i forget his NAME! who knows?

he HACKED that kid, that pushed his friend down while playing ball, in the
head with an ax when he was like SIX! i remember his friend had come to him
crying because this bigger kid had pushed him down, and our HERO goes and
snags an AX from this retainer, and CHOP!

he HACKS the bully kid in the face...!                   i THINK it's in Egils
saga (sp?)

yeah stories are cool ....

so's rapier fighting,     i used to do a LITTLE of that once....

that WAS a long time ago though....

before the rift wars,

and the cosmic clock ticks on in tiny skulls . . . . . . . . . . . .TICK .

(as he longed to hear a punloving cry of "SPOOOOOOOOOON!" in a french accent.)
So Mote it be,
safe journeys
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>Subject: Re: [Ravensfort] Any one interested in....
>Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 14:24:44 -0700 (PDT)
>I'm seeing if there is any interest so that I could start matching schedules
with the poeple
>interested to see if we could make it happen...
>Honestly, as far as a governing documents discussion group, I want a true
discussion group. Where
>the group dictates how it wants to be run. Kief and I are well versed in the
most of the
>governing documents but it is always interesting to see how different people
view them...
>Relating to the Icelandic Sagas... the group would decide on how it was
run...I wa thinking about
>a rotating leadership...and setting a goal to read all or part of a saga each
monthwith an eye to
>figuring out what we could tell about the society from the saga...(Like Anais
I'm having a hard
>time motivating myself to read them...)
>Mondays are home night for Kief and School night for me (until May
4th....when I graduate)
>Tuesday nights are Ravens's Fort's Dance Practice
>I don't know if Zork and Gwen still have Raper/Open House night on
Wednesdays, and although I
>don't go I don't want to interfere with another member of the discussion
group going...
>Thursdays here usually rotates between 1st Populace, 3rd Business, and 4th (I
think) is Scribes.
>and though Kief and I are trying to go to fewer than 3 events a month
>...so Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are usually spent preparing for, going to,
being at or
>returning from an event...
>There's a start...what is good for ya'll
>In regard to place...maybe we could meet in someone's house...or in a
restaurante that wouldn't
>mind having people sit around for a few hours. There are a few restuarants on
Lake Conrow that
>might be inbetween for Us and Anais....I'll have to look at a map...
>-- Jim Comack wrote:
> > Mistress Lorraine asked:
> > Any one interested in....
> >
> > A Monthly discussion group on Corporea/the By Laws/ and other SCA "Legal"
> > documents?
> >
> > or a monthly reading group on the Icelandic Sagas?
> > ===
> >
> > I know a few people who would be interested in both, but attendance would
> > depend on when, where, and who was presenting, among other things.
> >
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