[Ravensfort] Baronial competitions

doug bell magnus77840 at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 19 06:44:48 PDT 2002

Several folks have asked about our baronial competitions
for champions at this event.  So I need to hear from
the people running them.   What will the entrants need
to bring and what preparations need to be made?
What format do they have to be ready for?

This needs to be announced before the event.

Equestrian and haeftmaester I have already.

Will the following folks please email this information
to me privately:

Bardic - Elaine
Does anyone have a working email addr for Elaine?
How many pieces do the bards need and what type?

Archery - Ayla or Brian
What format will the shoot take? Is it going to be IKAC?
Folks with sharp pointy things have asked me.

Brewing/Vintner - Dusty and Mary
How is the contest divided up and what features of the
beverage are the judges looking for?  Other than the
obvious one.

When I receive it, I will copy this information to the
Baron and Baroness for their thoughts on selecting
their 5 champions.

An announcement will be made next week so our entrants
will be prepared to do battle.

Many thanks
event steward

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