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Fri Apr 19 07:08:33 PDT 2002

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I don't know if Shane and Lisa have spread the word, but they, Rachel
(hopefully), and I will be getting together this evening at my place to do a
bit of sewing for them and the newbies they're bringing to the event.  If
anyone wants to come by and lend a hand or work on something of your own, give
me a call at 291-1773.  I'll try to be a good girl and actually answer the
phone.  The normal mess will be removed from tables and living room are to
make more room for the sewing mess we will be creating - I make no promises
about the rest of the apartment.  Folks are welcome anytime after 6 p.m.  I
haven't been to the store lately, so, unless you like dragon salad (wax worms,
collard greens, chard, escarole, apples, carrots, and whatever I happen to
have), I suggest bringing what you want to eat or eating before you get there.

||                                                                                              Sonic
|Sam Houston/
| Hwy 75 South
||Gas station                    Montgomery Street
||Dairy Queen                                                                                      A1
||                                                              +++++++|         National
Guard   |
||I-45                                                       +++++++ |
Logan Place        |
||                                                                 X           |-----------------------|
||                                                                               |
Logan Place        |

I don't know if that will come through and if anyone will be able to read it.
I live at Logan Place Apartments, Building 2608, Apartment #116.   The street
that runs down the middle of the apartment complex is El Toro Drive, so look
up a map for 2608 El Toro Drive, #116

Directions are:  Go South on Sam Houston past the fire station where we have
populace.  Go past the Sonic.  The light after the Sonic is Montgomerry
Street, I think.  A1 is on the far corner.  Go forward on Sam Houston through
the green light.  On your right you will pass A1 Liquor, the National Guard
Building, then you're at my apartment complex.  My building is ALL THE WAY IN
THE BACK.    Go to where the pavement ends then turn right and go about 20
yards and turn left into my building's parking area.  The visitor parking is
on the back fence furthest from the apartments (by the blackberry vines).

Look forward to seein' y'all.


P.S.  I'm sorry if I sound cranky.  I'm really trying not to . . .

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