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>Bardic - Elaine
>Does anyone have a working email addr for Elaine?

elainedelyons at yahoo.com[1] - my dragon list goes there so I have to check it.
I'm sorry I'm being anti-social.  Just a bit . . . crazy  or something right

>How many pieces do the bards need and what type?

Bards need at least 2 pieces for the Ravenskald competition.   First piece
topic = skalds or theme of event.  Second piece topic = Just perform your
"best piece" or favorite piece or whatever - open.  If there are ties or just
a close race and we have time, I might ask for a third piece.  This will
probably be improv . . . 3 people in the audience pick words kind of thing.
Of course, I might just have you do another "best piece" in a style other than
what you did your last "best piece".  Or I might have you just do an encore of
some type.  Or there might be a fairly clear winner and no time to do extra
pieces to try to clear the issue.  (not that 1 more piece ever seems to really
*clear* the issue . . . but I doubt we'd have time for 10).

What am I looking for?
1.  Skill in ENTERTAINING the audience and judge(s).
2.  Performance skill . . . the "technically superior" type stuff . . . voice
quality, topic quality, skill in constructing the story, tone quality, not
dropping balls when you're juggling, or tripping over your own feet while
dancing and falling in the fire . . . wait, no, the fire's for later, though
the dancing would still be welcome.
3.  Variety.  Do you *only* sing sappy love songs?  Specialized is one thing,
being limited to something is another.  I'd like to pass it on to someone who
can do a variety of things.  I know I'm not giving you much room to show off
your variety, though, so don't worry *too* much about it.
4.  Period.  You don't have to bring me sheafs of period music or copies from
books, but if you can tell a bit about how your piece is period, (preferably
telling it in persona), that'll count a bit in your favor.

I'm the only judge unless Niklas and Kezia wish to help me, not just enjoy
watching.  I'm not giving anyone an excuse not to get up there and perform by
letting them help me judge.  :-)  Now if you can convince me there is NO WAY that
I can get you to perform and you *really want* to help me judge, email me.
But if Cathal can judge it by himself, I can too.

I'm sure I've forgotten something in this message as well, but I'll try to fix
it if I have.

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