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Elaine De Lyons elainescalists at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 19 10:11:31 PDT 2002

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Yipes that map came out bad!  Hopefully y'all can follow the written

The sewing thing is tonight, Friday, April 19.  I know it's late notice - it's
not *supposed* to be a scheduled baronial thing . . . just a bunch of friends
get together if you have nothing else to do kind of thing.  If you want to
come by and look at bardic books or old "It Cometh"s or TI's or whatever,
you're welcome too.  Bring AA batteries and blank tapes, and I'll tape you
some songs.  My computer has music software if you want to work on sheet music
for stuff.

Also, it's not just for *making* stuff for the newbies, Shane and I are also
going through the hospitaler stuff and trying to salvage things.  So if you're
not up to sewing a whole outfit on a machine, but you are into patching stuff
by hand . . . come by - I've got work for you too! :-)


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