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Terri C. Busa busa at texed.net
Fri Apr 19 20:56:53 PDT 2002

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In my last post I forgot to mention that I will be setting up a table at our upcoming event to collect donations for the children's play area.  The table will be under a tree near where the actual playscape will be constructed.

As I will also be performing duties as you Reeve that day I am looking for volunteers to help me run this table.  Below is a tentative schedule please let me know if you are interested in helping me with this project.  I thank you in advance for your assistance with this project.

In Service--

Isobail inghean Gilla Chriosd
busa at texed.net

Playscape Donation Table

10am-11am        Mary





Piroska Simon (fill in as needed---Thank you)

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