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> >Bardic - Elaine
> >Does anyone have a working email addr for Elaine?
> >How many pieces do the bards need and what type?
>Bards need at least 2 pieces for the Ravenskald competition.   First >piece
>topic skalds or theme of event.

  mongolian? or chinese?         what forms are you looking for lady?
you did say you want variety . shall i sing, drum, snuff candles with my
whips, recite a poem, how many pieces would you like dear lady?
and is there please please please ........ please and once more please!
to somehow get bardic moved to feast? just an idea.. i always wanted to see
that...  ravenskald chosen at performance during feast....
the "sing for your supper" court. *grin* i think you should sit twixt
paul and kezia then (or at her hand)

>Second piece topic == Just perform your "best piece" or favorite piece >-
>open.  I might ask for a third piece.  This will
>probably be improv 3 people in the audience pick words kind of thing.

??? um like a story or improv as in "whose line is it anyway?" IMPROV!?

>What am I looking for?
>1.  Skill in ENTERTAINING the audience and judge(s).

>2.  Performance skill . . . the "technically superior" type stuff . . >.
>voice quality, topic quality, skill in constructing the story, tone
> >quality, 3.  Variety.  Do you *only* sing sappy love songs?  Specialized
>is one >thing,being limited to something is another.

>I'd like to pass it on to someone who
>can do a variety of things.  4.  Period.  You don't have to bring me sheafs
>of period music or >copies from books, but if you can tell a bit about how
>your piece is >period, (preferably telling it in persona), that'll count a
>bit in >your favor.

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