[Ravensfort] Baronial competitions

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Mon Apr 22 09:02:24 PDT 2002

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> mongolian? or chinese? what forms are you looking for

Prefer Mongol.  Chinese good too.  Forms . . . pick forms.  Think "best
piece".  You only get to perform 2 pieces unless there's a tie/close race and
we have TIME for tie-breakers.  >please! to somehow get bardic moved to feast?
just an idea.. i always wanted
>to see that... ravenskald chosen at performance during feast....
>the "sing for your supper" court. *grin* i think you should sit
>twixt paul and kezia then (or at her hand)

This could be a really great idea, Ragan.  I wish I'd talked to you earlier.
Unfortunately, I think it's too late to change things up now.  The problem
with contests during feast (besides the knots in performers stomachs
preventing them from eating much) has been one of noise.  The argument being
that the folks seriously competing for the title should be able to project
well enough to be heard over the crowd and/or be able to grab the feasthall
and pull them into their song/story etc., (quieting them in the process).
Next year, maybe.  For a non-titled competition at Defender, maybe.

Good luck in the competition Saturday.  Maybe you'll win . . . and get to plan
the competition yourself next year.  (And I mean that in all sincerity . . . I
don't mean it to be snarky)>??? um like a story or improv as in "whose line is
it anyway?"

If you want to do comedy, do comedy.  But not like "whose line is it anyway" .
. . you'll be up there doing it by yourself, no passing it back and forth,
although that *is* an idea . . . I've been at circles where you start a story
and pass it to the next person, and the next person, and back around.  Pretty
convoluted things happen.  No, what I mean is pick 3 people in the audience to
give you words, and you have to make a song, story, or poem using those 3
Good luck everyone!

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