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Elaine De Lyons elainescalists at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 22 09:50:51 PDT 2002

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First THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to those of you who came out at the last
minute on Friday to help out (in order of arrival):

Shane, Lisa, and Mary (the new one with 2 good feet)
Katrin and Cedric
Rachel and

We have 2 new tunics and 2 new pair of pants almost completed (Rachel and I
will be finishing up tonight).  We fixed all but one of the outfits that
needed it.  And we finished 3? tunics that had been started but were never

I will be sewing most every night this week (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday).
If you want to come by and work on something, give me a call!  If you want to
work on something for the hospitaler's chest, I have the fabric.  I even have
a little trim.  We've got 2 more outfits planned out . . . cut out too, I
think - I can't remember.  Come on over!


P.S.  Be sure to get your requests for clothing for any newbies you're
bringing in ASAP to myself or Shane.

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