[Ravensfort] Friday Night Filk Sing and Pun Off

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   If the torches are lit, we're open for bid'ness, so c'mon in.  And, well,
as for the neighbors, I think they've been sick of us for quite some time



P.S.  -vague directions for those who don't know where we are.

         1) find the Tavern

         2) get a little tipsy (if applicable)

         3) stagger down-hill until you see a torch-lit entrance framing what
appears to be a flaming pumpkin.  If it is not, in fact, an actual pumpkin
that's caught on fire, then....

         4) you've found us!  -pull up a seat, enjoy yourself, and have good

       -and remember "a clear conscience is a good sign of a bad memory"

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>Subject: [Ravensfort] Friday Night Filk Sing and Pun Off
>Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 12:52:59 -0500
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>In addition to the Raven Skald competition on Saturday, there will be a
>Night Filk Sing/Pun Off/and Bawdy Bard circle/torture session on Friday,
>26 at the upcoming Raven's Fort event. The circle will start well after full
>dark (think 9 something) and continue until the neighbors get sick of us and
>kick us out. Bawdy stuff will start once any kiddies have long been in bed.
>Bring you're zaniest SCA filk . . . the crazier the better, although I
>especially would love to hear filks/stories about real SCA events. "No
>fooling I was there" kind of filks.
>Last I heard, it was okay with House Pharus to hold this in their camp.
>However, if you go by and don't hear bardic going on, please leave them alone
>and wonder over to the pavilions. We'll pester them later in the evening.
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