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Tue Apr 23 12:57:54 PDT 2002

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So Mote it be,
safe journeys

 >Good luck in the competition Saturday. Maybe you'll win . . . and get to
>the competition yourself next year.

thanks *smile*                 it's never likely....       but thanks.
(and i don't mean that to be snarky either)

i just  think it's been made a law or something....

um like a story or improv as in "whose line is
>it anyway?"
> . No, what I mean is pick 3 people in the audience to
>give you words, and you have to make a song, story, or poem using those 3
>Good luck everyone!

ahhhhhhhhhh       i used to do that for the children     a long time ago

made up a story for them from picked subjects      and YES    VERY convoluted
things happened ... *smile* but the CROSSOVER stories were GREAT!

i semi remember a tale of war and high adventure once containing ninja
turtles, robinhood,

king arthur (and mordred at MY insistance) and G.I. joe who i acutually forgot
till nearly the end of the story when it was to my OWN surprise to weave him
in as G.I. JOE! real american hero GO JOE! with the hole darn crew through a
time portal to save the ninja turtles and restore the time line in a trumpets
blaring cavlery to the rescue!!!

but that's another story eh?
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