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Sun Apr 28 20:46:01 PDT 2002

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Greetings Ravensfort--

Now that our event is over the paperwork starts--and that means that you only have until FRIDAY, MAY 3 to get your receipts to me if you would like to be reimbursed.

Reimbursement forms are easy to obtain--I will have them with me at populace on Thursday and they can also be printed from the Ravensfort website.

Receipts that I have not received by Friday -- WILL NOT BE REIMBURSED!!!

Also if you do have receipts to give to me--please email me at busa at texed.net with the amount and the reason for the expense.  This will enable me to get my report put together a little easier.  You will still have to give me the receipts and fill out a reimbursement form.

In Service--
Isobail and inghean Gilla Chriosd

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