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"Olivia G. Rodrigues" <ladyoliviar at lycos.com> said:

> No, I mean a person who's specific and only duty is to record the happenings
> at Court at any given event and that will then post the results to the list
> (s)...
> The local herald may be that person but not if they have other duties to
> perform DURING court.


The time for a herald to do this is not during court.  Before the court starts they usually have a list of who is being called up into court and in what order and what for.  They should start filling out the report where possible before the court even begins and finish it up imemdiately after court and get the signatures of the presinding nobles.

Now, I'll maintain that for local champions and such this is not the repsonsibility of the heralds alone.  You need to know much more about your champions than is recorded on a court report.

As autocrat of events I always thought that it was my responsibility to include in my event report to the Seneschal, Nobles, and Populace, the details of all the winners of the competitions held at the event.

It is important that before the event winners leave the site you have their Name, Nundame Name, Address, Phone, Email, and local Branch so that you can get in touch with them to extend personal ivitations to them for your events during their tenure as champions.  It is also important that you can get in touch with them next year to get any regalia back.  How the autocrat gets those details is up to the autocrat.  I usually ask the coordinators of the various competitions to provide them to me but often they forget to do so and I have the scrounge them up myself.

It is also worth noting that ALL marshals of any type (Chvalric, Equestrian, Archery, Rapier, Knife/Axe/Spear, etc.) are REQUIRED to submit a report any time a competition is held.  Copies of these reports should be on file in the local officers files, with courtesy copies to the locoal seneschal and to the B&B.  The current forms being used by the Knights Marshallate and Rapier Marshallate no not have a space to list the winner of the event and I personally think that is an oversight.  The archery marshallate and equestrian marshallate formats DO have the spaces to list the winners.


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