[Ravensfort] play area

Joy Midkiff midkiffjoy at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 30 08:18:05 PDT 2002

mom found it as we were packing up and we're passing it along to teri on
thursday at populace.  THANKS.

-joy midkiff
(simon orom)

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>Dear Ravensfort, The lady who was taking donations was gone by the time
>Pace and I got back with check book in hand. Her basket was still there
>however, so we put a check for all nails needed,  as promised, in the
>basket. Please let me know if she found it. I was concerned about the
>strong wind carrying it off! Pace and I love Ravensfort and feel it is our
>second home! We are very happy to help in  any way we can. Love, Giovanna
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