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well i haven't finished reading all my mail yet, but i'm sure what i'm posting
about won't be mentioned so i'll just jump in here.....

since what i have to bitch about is somewhat related....

I invited 6 people to this event that had never been to an SCA event

and thanks to the wonderfull reception (ESPECIALLY FROM HUNERICK: try acting
like I DID when i met your MOM you sorry son of a...) none want to come
back...save two of the guys who want to be heavy fighters now (for the same
reason as I )

they were harrassed consistantly from the time they arrived AND I BLOODY WELL
MEAN HARRASSED ! i was there when HUNERICK kept ON and ON with the "your BOYS"
comments   hunerick calvin and bill WILL be disscussing their status as BOYS
with you in future....  they ALL ahve related to me how CRAPPY they were
treated by members of the populace (fat balding guys?) for not being "PERIOD"

when i explained to them the period police and how people not in garb are
considered naked

they ALL said "NO NO ! i mean they were RUDE about it. they were down right
INSULTING"     so i'd like to thank those wonderful folk who have driven off
prospective members YET again....

all i have heard about from these people is how well they were empressed by
how RUDE

and CRAPPY the SCA is this barony has made a name for itself yet again for
having it's nose in the air and being full of assholes.... HUZZAH!

i picked these people because of all my friends they were the coolest and most
accepting of people... each and every one of them would be a GREAT asset to
the sca at large...

but even THEY couldn't stomach you (sorry if your not one of those who met a
garbless newcomer)

i'm ashamed yet again to know you... it really sucks to have to try to explain
to people that they shouldn't judge the SCA by you... to tell stories about
how it didn't USED to be this way.

now.... what i think is REALLY sad (cept he's a friend of mine too) is that i
REAL newcomer (John of house Pharus) was the one that is remembered as being
the COOLEST and NICEST person they met..... IN CLAN CAMP, Sat. nite.

and what really STICKS in MY CRAW is how NICELY and RESECTFULLY i treated

talk that was going on....       only to have HIM treat MY guests So

even after his sorry attempt to salvage the situation with his lame assed

when i didn't just blowup at him with his LOUD and OBNOXIOUS "you need to get
your BOYS some garb!"

i put it too you , what's more important ? to get people GARBED or to be
POLITE to newcommers???

to make people feel welcome... so they may come back?

or to make them think the SCA is a bunch of assholes... who they VOCIFEROUSLY
never want to see again....

i'd like now to post some notable ecceptions to this that where brought to my

first... John of Pharus...  and whom i'm pretty sure was Sigurd (that guy with
the white beard was cool too)

Olivia, John and their crew were nice from all accounts...(from the
discription of their camp and that a lot of THEN didn't have Garb either =
shared bitching about JERKS)

and they did say that "their were SOME really cool people out there too"

but they said Most of the people they spoke with made them feel very

and that really chaps my ass...

(now on a personal note)

dear baron Nicky          i  thank you for your insight as to be polite with
your request at feast.

and you were fine with me up to your little WARNING to me before we parted
company sunday... that is presently causing me some pains to forget... it was
both unneeded and rather dumb considering that the only real thing it's done
is to piss me off at you again...

i thought i behaved rather well this weekend...         even AFTER being
stopped from trying to display my talents AGAIN

( i hereby declare that i WILL be performing a demo of target cutting and
candel snuffing at FEAST at the next ravensfort event! OFFICIALLY STATED NOW!)
just to let everyone have time to schedual it and just so EVERTONE knows! OK?

and the next time BERTA want's to chime in and say" BECAUSE HE SAID SO!"

and point out why she sucked as a baroness let me point out that the title
BARON in the SCA hold no authority to ORDER people to DO ANYTHING... it's
still america.

so "because he said so" only applies to his son or his dog....

and that's what's a big problem in this barony...  people who think they
really ARE ROYALTY ... uh get a grip....

well i'll prolly be banned now so a true discussion of these SCA RELATED

will be impossible to have and so the "barony" can go right on falling

no doubt the brass will tout how wonderfull it all was this event...

every one kept commenting to me on how lame it was...

and i don't think it was Magnus to blame...

safe journeys
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>Will the person who is in position of the hospitaller's grab list please
contact me as soon as possible. I need to collect 2 pieces of grab that belong
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