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leave it to the new commers to cut throught the crap to the quick.

*i bow to the lady*
So Mote it be,
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>Personally, I have found this whole exchange to be interesting to say the
>least as well as enlightening. I had no idea the responsiblities that were
>involved in Court. Heck, I didn't know how much was involved in Feast until I
>agreed to help serve. Truly this whole event was educational. So, I like the
>various points that have been voiced here. Is there anyone who can settle it?
>On second thought..I'll be at Defender..and I am MORE than willing to write
>down all this information and post it to the list after said event. Problem
>solved? :o)
>~Mary of AxeFoot, newly dubbed..wanna see my Axe?
>Egads! Did the excrement hit the oscillating aeriator?
>I was just suggesting that in order to have a post-event posting of
>'champions', that, perhaps, someone, other than the local herald, might be
>asked to act as 'court reporter' or 'secretary'(what have you), to take
>make the list of those called into court and for what purpose and then have
>said list posted for those that are curious or keep track of such matters.
>I know that the herald USUALLY has such a list PRIOR to Court but that
>mean he/she has the time to add all the little intricacies that come about
>DURING court...a 'secretary' might.
>Had I thought of this before Saturday night, I would have done this as I sat
>through a full Court for the first time in over a year. It was interesting to
>be 'on the scene', to catch the emotions...and a secretary could take such
>notes (i.e. that HL Dolphin was escorted in by several companions as his knee
>was paining him but, as usual, was smiling) to pass along.
>Carpe Diem Ex Illo Vitae Opprime!
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