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i would like to take this time before i'm banned again ,

to cut in here and say i find these two people to be the very SPIRIT of what
is best in humanity, both in the SCA and in mundane life. Giovanna and Pace
(that's pronounced Pah -Chay and means peace in latin) have consistantly been
the nicest sweetest and kindest people i have met in some time,( it was my
honor to loan a drum to Pace at gulf war) they are of the level of saintly
grace as Sigurd and walla walla gore. there are many things that i dislike in
these times, but these two are NOT amoung them. i do not spend great amounts
of time in their company but i think it's because i should probably be twice
the ass i usually seem when contrasted to their gentle goodness.

if these two don't have AOA's it's the gravest oversight i can think of

well along with Taraija's (trisha, Aleric sweinbrothars wife) not haveing a
sable thistle in
may they be with us forever,
So Mote it be,
safe journeys
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>Dear Ravensfort, The lady who was taking donations was gone by the time Pace
and I got back with check book in hand. Her basket was still there however, so
we put a check for all nails needed, as promised, in the basket. Please let me
know if she found it. I was concerned about the strong wind carrying it off!
Pace and I love Ravensfort and feel it is our second home! We are very happy
to help in any way we can. Love, Giovanna
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