[Ravensfort] Cheese on Thursday

Paul Gilbert niklas at pbgilbert.net
Tue Apr 30 10:37:15 PDT 2002


If someone will bring the strawberry's, I can bring some really good
Balsamic Vinegar for them.

Now before anyone goes....yuckkkkkk.....

It is really good!!

You get a sweet and sour taste. I had some at the event and was impressed!!

Also, if we want some....(this is not a period dish)....

I can make some homemade tomato soup for all to eat.

Cheese, bread, soup and fruit.....

Sounds good to me!!!!

HE Niklas

At 09:05 AM 4/30/02 -0700, you wrote:
>We are making cheese on Thursday! So far we have 3
>different kinds, ricotta, soft cheese w/herbs and
>yougart (sp?) cheese (courtesy of Mary and Lochlann).
>Several members of the populace are bringing bread &
>strawberries.  If someone would like to bring fruit,
>drinks, nuts, etc, we can have a small feast!  I also
>need a Coleman stove, 2 would be great.  Please let me
>know if anyone can help, it needs to be at the
>firestation around 6:45.
>Mary, could you please contact me?
>If anyone has any questions, please let me know!
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