[Ravensfort] champions...

Paul Gilbert niklas at pbgilbert.net
Tue Apr 30 10:39:07 PDT 2002

HUMMMMMMMMMMMMM......maybe.....!! :) big evil grin!

I'll send it to you in a bit.

I'm working up the "Happenings" article.

In between work, phone calls and stuff.......


HE Niklas

At 03:20 PM 4/30/02 +0000, you wrote:
>does that mean that the chroniclers office could get a copy of the champions
>list?????  it would be nice if we could slip it in the quoth.
>-joy midkiff
>(simon orom)
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>>Subject: Re: [Ravensfort] champions...
>>Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 03:54:36 +0000
>>Alas, Mary was a much loved person until she was
>>given the Axe.  Perhaps an eloquent elegy from
>>our new Bard? :)
>>Usually the champions appear in letters from the
>>B&B and event steward in the June Quoth.  That
>>is filed in the Chroniclers and Historian offices.
>>"No, this is not the autocrat that you are looking for."
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