[Ravensfort] Greetings from exile

Brian du Val cobalt60 at lcc.net
Tue Apr 30 14:17:21 PDT 2002

Hello Henri,
    Tis I Yoshi now known as Brian du Val, a 13th cent. Norman.

    I wondered recently as to where our baronial members have traveled off
to and while looking at
    some old Quothes I did spy a time or two that your name was mentioned.
Jacinth, Twin Cedars, Keif, Chrystal,
    and I do miss many of the "Old Guard" and would love to see you two and
Brian when you visit. It saddens me
    to here of your problem with your back and hope the pain is less for you
in the future. I just had knee surgery
    and just went back to work. It still swells up and I ice it down after
work each day. I have better movement
     with it and no grinding to be felt. I will be fighting again in the
winter. Just in time for Estrella War!

                        Well, I will be in touch.

                                                    John Reuter
                                                    H.E. Brian du Val

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