[Ravensfort] Event "report"

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Tue Apr 30 17:31:06 PDT 2002

As Chronicler, I welcome the idea of ANYONE sending me a short (or even not
so short) report of the things the saw and did at any event.  I would be
more than happy to make a special section in the Quoth for event news,
pictures, etc.  You may email me the pics... no problem.

This can be especially good for those of us who, for one reason or another,
cannot make an event yet would love to know what is going on.

Come one! Come all!  Be the eyes and ears of those of us who can't go...
Bards!!! One and all!!! Weave a story of those happenings you saw! For a
short moment, we might forget the bickering and remember the reasons we
joined the SCA in the first place.  I love to hear the stories, even if I
don't know any of the characters in them.  Putting it down on paper is no
harder than telling the story.

I am truly sorry that I missed court and the saga of "Mary of Axefoot".  I
wish I could have seen it, but I did share in the moment by hearing about

The story of how Mistress Lorraine got her name was wonderful to hear.  We
all need to be reminded that there are good times.  Thank you Mistress

And with that, I shall creep back to my desk, chain myself to it, and get
back to work.

I remain...burning the midnight oil.

Your Chronicler,

Simon Piroska

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>Subject: [Ravensfort] Event "report"
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>It has been suggested many times in the past...and again by Olivia
>that we should get someone to "chronicle" events and publish something
>(whether paper or electronic) I have seen this done in letter format
>in our own Quoth, Bear Necessities, and other Newsletters...
>Past chroniclers have begged the populace to give reports of
>events they have done and things they have seen...
>Since people think it's a great idea again...
>who's up to do it?....
>Loch is next weekend....Steppes a few weeks after that....
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