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I will give a beginning (not much, mind you) so that someone else can continue
until we have the whole story of Court.  We can, of course, omit the saga of
Mary of Axefoot.  I am pretty sure NObody wants to hear it! LOL..

The Feast lasted longer into the evening than planned because it was served
buffet style (a row up each side of the table with platters of rice, soup,
beef and pork, and dipping sauces running up the middle). Night had fallen and
people where beginning to clean up and clear out not realizing that there was
still a desert to be served (custards:cinnamon, nutmeg, and one blended of
both). Then the lines formed again. Finally, the time came when I think people
could eat no more. Tables were changed (this would be where Ragan tried to
whip the candles) and the atmosphere changed into the beginnings of Court.....


~Mary of Axefoot
As Chronicler, I welcome the idea of ANYONE sending me a short (or even not so
short) report of the things the saw and did at any event. I would be more than
happy to make a special section in the Quoth for event news, pictures, etc.
You may email me the pics... no problem.
I remain...burning the midnight oil.
Your Chronicler,
Simon Piroska

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