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What time will the site be open tomorrow ???


Clarissima wrote:

> Ciao!
> At the business meeting in January, the following days
> were set as site work days.  These are to be used as
> general site work and preparation for Day at the Court
> of the Great Kahn.
> February 15-17
> March 8-10
> April 12-14
> April 21
> We will be firing up the pit for all of these work
> days, so it is BYOM (bring your own meat):)!  It will
> be potluck for veggies.
> This is our goal list for the Spring.
> This is a long list.  Obviously we could break it down
> even further, but these are things that really need to
> be done before our event that have been delayed for at
> least a year.  I am trying to implement a new program,
> an "Adopt a Site Improvement Project", where an
> individual, group of individuals or a household
> "adopt" a site improvement.  That individual, etc, is
> responsible for budgeting, money and time, requesting
> materials, help, etc. to complete the project.
> Several members of the Barony have been doing this for
> years, but everyone needs to join in.  It will be fun,
> each person can give updates at Populace and will
> receive word fame and possibly other goodies.
> If you are interested in adopting any of the below
> projects, please let me know.  I am sure there are
> several members of the barony that will be glad to
> assist.  I would like to thank Sir Keif for compiling
> this list for me, off of the top of his head, in about
> 10 minutes, in way more detail than I have shown here.
>  Grazie, Sir.
> Buildings - general
> Check for structural damage
> Kitchen:
> cut legs on tables
> finish and enclose ceiling
> Water tower:
> weld stronger supports
> weld frame for sinks
> Changing room:
> install new floor
> doors or curtains for privacy
> Showers:
> paint
> remove and replace floors and clean out weed and vines
> larger water containers and roof
> make sure curtains are servicable
> check hoses and shower heads
> Grounds:
> Saw up all downed timber
> Transport pine to bonfire
> Hardwood to kitchen **(Give some of the hardwood to
> the folks that help cut and transport)
> R&R rotten/broken posts
> Cut wild citrus and other brush *way* back from the
> entry road
> Trim trees of dead limbs
> Clear away deadfall under trees
> Check wash area (on the way to the stones) to see if
> added fill is needed
> Search out and evaluate fire ant problem areas
> Clear out persimmon trees/shrubs from equestrian area
> Reset list field poles as needed
> Clean around the buildings and restack equipment in
> the outside storage area
> Evaluate "blue smoker" behind storeroom (scrap?)
> Move and dismantle old privies
> Fill in any holes at old privy sites
> Roads:
> Move posts in "parking area" to increase size of area
> Check cattle guard for breakage and for any needed
> silt removal
> Clear ends of culverts (outside front gate, road in,
> and new) for positive H2O flow
> Equipment:
> Check B-B-Q pit (needs some welding)
> Check H2O pump (replace? - have seen a better one
> recently)
> Tent repair
> R&R broken hardware on large tent poles
> Check stoves
> Evaluate and modify donated camper as trailer for
> B-B-Q pit or for mobile H2O source
> Check dais for damage
> Repaint and relocate "Stones" welcome sign
> Grazie,
> Clarissima
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> Grazie,
> Clarissima
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