[Ravensfort] Kimonos and PC Crashes

Olivia G. Rodrigues ladyoliviar at lycos.com
Sun Mar 10 11:13:03 PST 2002

Hello all,

Please excuse the bandwidth for the following announcements:

1.  My PC crashed (it's fine...for now) so I've lost all the info regarding the kimonos so...
2.  If you want kimonos, and probably cheaper than I was going to have to pay for them, go get an account on eBay (if you don't already) and look up these two sellers:  CHINATOWNER and APACKET.  They have kimonos similar to the ones I was going to have for sale.  I have done some checking and these two are very reputable sellers on eBay.

Thank you for your time and we now resume regularly scheduled bitching, jokes and puns!

Permission to forward to other lists is granted.

Carpe Diem Ex Illo Vitae Opprime!

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