[Ravensfort] Online: 400 Medieval Illuminated Mss & a newly discoverd 15th c Devotion Book

jacinth jacinth at mail.ev1.net
Mon Mar 11 12:46:23 PST 2002

Super site to browse!!

The following two announcements were posted to
soc.history.medieval today by Rob Kuijsten.

The website Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts presents
almost 1000 unique illustrations from 400 illuminated
manuscripts from the Koninklijke Bibliotheek and the
Museum Meermanno-Westreenianum in The Hague, The
Netherlands. The website provides a varied array of
beautiful illustrations for specialists in Medieval
Art as well as for occasional visitors looking for
mere pretty pictures.


This is a very well-organized site.

The Royal Library in the Hague has lately received a
very valuable 15th century, illustrated "devotion"
book. The value of this manuscript has been estimated
abt. 6 million Euro !!! and is a private gift from an
anonymous donor. In this prayerbook there are
miniatures and other decorations, made by 3 important
painters from the 15th century. One of these
illustrators is Master of Maria of Bourgondie, the
Rembrandt of the medieval bookdecorators.

Right now the book is exposed for the public in the
Koninklijke Bibliotheek in the Hague (NL), but can
also be browsed online !!!!

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