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Mon Mar 11 14:08:32 PST 2002

One more note:  we start at 7pm!

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>Well... did you feel as bad as I did when I realized what I would be
>missing out on at Gulf War?  Classes, shopping, and FUN??  If you got
>stuck hanging around, just waiting... no... LONGING for something FUN
>to do until everyone else gets back, wait no longer!  I'll bet you have
>some project you've started on, but need help; or perhaps you would
>like to work on some garb, or heck.... just about anything, and you
>want to hang out with some really cool A&S oriented people, you are in
>We are meeting Friday, March 15, at my good friend Katherine
>LeTavranier's home (in Kingwood).  So far, we have discussed making
>period style tunics (like the St. Louis tunic), and beginning
>knitting.  If you have something else you would like to do, by all
>means, bring it!  Bring your favorite snack and beverage, and we will
>have a great time.
>Here are the directions from Katherine:
>"I would urge you to use mapquest to also verify my directions. I have been told on occassion they need some help :)
>Take your best route to HWY 59 North to Humble. Exit at North Park Drive Exit, take a right onto North Park. You will pass approximately 4 stop lights, at the 5th stop light take a left onto Brookdale. At the first stop sign take a left onto Flint Creek Drive. At Glen Spring Drive take a left. We are the brown house on the the corner on the left side of the street. The address is 3022 Glen Spring Drive, Kingwood, TX 77339."
>If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.  Also, if you
>know someone who is offline who might enjoy this, feel free to pass it
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