[Ravensfort] Happenings this week in Raven's Fort

Paul Gilbert niklas at pbgilbert.net
Tue Mar 19 18:32:18 PST 2002

Greetings from Their Excellences of Raven's Fort, Niklas and Kezia.....

Happenings this week in Raven's Fort will see the monthly Business meeting,
Thursday, March 21 at the Citizens Bank of Texas Community Room in New
Waverly at 7pm. Following the meeting, dinner will be someplace, to be

ALL are invited to the Business meeting. This meeting is not just for the
officers. It is the meeting at which the Seneschal and the officers AND
Populace of the Barony conduct the mundane and administrative business of
the Barony, so we may all enjoy the fun parts with as little interruption
as possible.

If someone needs directions to the bank, just let us know and they will be

This weekend, March 22-24 in The Shire of Cross Roads Keep (Big Spring,
Texas), Crown Tourney will be held. Plans right now will see HE Kezia
staying in Raven's Fort to attend the Mini Tourney and I will be traveling
to Crown Tourney to watch the selection of Ansteorra's next Crown.

Also, this weekend at the Gazebo in Raven's Fort, Lord Balda the
Hornswaggled, Knights marshal of Raven's Fort and HE Brian du Val, Deputy
Knights Marshal will be holding the third Mini-tourney of the Barony. See
Lord Balda's post for information on the Tourney.

Please note that the Mini-Tourney activities begin at 2PM. This allows more
time for the tourney and associated activities. Questions concerning the
Mini-tourney can be directed to Lord Balda at busa at texed.net or HE Brian at
cobalt60 at lcc.net.

Anyone interested in fighting, or just having a good time at the tourney ,
please come.

Remember the upcoming event, Day at the Court of Kublai Khan, April
26-27-28 is coming up fast. There will be several more work days for the
site and everyone is encouraged to attend in Mongol or Italian dress
fitting the time of Kublai Khan and Marco Polo. There are still a few jobs
that need to be filled, see Lord Magnus as he is the Steward of the event.

We are also looking for persons to produce scrolls for the champions of the
events. Those interested in making a scroll, please contact HE Crystal.

Feast reservations can be made with Dolfin of Cork, Feast steward at
DOL77PHIN at aol.com.

There will be more coming activities in Raven's Fort, but for now these are
the highlighted ones. However, If I have missed something, please let Us know.

As usual, if anyone has any questions, comments, complaints, needs,
suggestions or etc....please contact Us. And....if anyone knows of any
members of the barony that do not have internet access, please pass this
information along to them so they may be informed.

Vivat Raven's Fort, Vivat Ansteorra....

In Service,

HE Niklas & HE Kezia
Baron & Baroness of Raven's Fort

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