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Paul Gilbert niklas at pbgilbert.net
Mon Mar 25 10:08:23 PST 2002

Greetings from Their Excellence's of Raven's Fort, Niklas and Kezia......

Crown Tournament was held this weekend in The Shire of Cross Roads Keep, in
Big Spring, Texas.

Soooooo.......Ansteorra has a new Crown Prince and Princess!!!!

They are Duke Patrick Michael Gordonne and Duchess Julia de Montoya. They
have set the thrones of Ansteorra 4 times prior and bring enormous wisdom
and knowledge to the thrones.

Please welcome them back to the thrones. They will step up to the Crowns of
Ansteorra on July 12-14. The location is not chosen yet. As soon as it is
announced, it will be passed along.

Back in Raven's Fort on Sunday, a Mini-Tourney was held at the Gazebo by
Lord Balda, Raven's Fort Knight Marshal. HE Kezia attended it, as well as a
number of others. Lord Balda and HE Kezia will be posting details of the
Tourney shortly.

The Baronial Business Meeting was held last Thursday at Citizens Bank of
Texas community room in New Waverly. The meeting was well attended. I would
like to stress that the business meeting is not just for the officers. It
is for all that are interested in the business/administrative side of the
SCA and Barony. It is in this meeting that the discussions and decisions
are made on the mundane and routine business matters of the Barony. So,
come participate. You might find an officers job you would like to apply for.

We  continue to be looking for a place in Conroe or the Woodlands to hold
the business meetings. Members of the Barony that live in those areas,
please look around for a place that is free, open till 9-10pm, holds 20-30
people and is suitable for holding a business related meeting.

We are very serious about holding functions in all areas of the Barony. The
Barony of Raven's Fort stretches across several counties and all the way to
the Montgomery-Harris county line in Spring. We share Spring with Gatesedge.

One of Our major goals is to hold activities in the North and the South as
much as possible. We need locations of places to hold Mini-Tourney's,
meetings, guild meetings, etc in the south (Spring, Woodlands, Conroe,
etc). So, please, residents of those areas, take a look around and see what
is available and get with us about them.

The Day at the Court of the Great Khan is coming up April 26-28 at the
Stones of Raven's Fort. This is a Mongol themed event. However, you do not
have to dress with the theme unless you wish to. We and others will are in
the process of researching Mongol dress, customs and such in order to
transport all to the Great Courts of the Khan.

Lord Magnus is the Steward, and Dolfin of Cork is the Feast Steward.

A few items are needed for the event.......

Prize for Equestrian
People to work the gate (see Lord Arturus)
Decorations and decoration ideas (maybe even a decoration person that
wishes to take the ideas and run with them).
Help on scrolls for winners of competitions (please see HE Crystal for what
is needed).

Any questions, suggestions or ideas for the event, please contact Kezia,
Magnus or Myself.

The last item for the event is award recommendations. ALL award
recommendations, please forward to or copy Us on them. We can accept them
in hard copy, soft copy or email.

TRM's require that the award recommendations be to them 3 weeks in advance
of the event. That means that the award rec's need to be to done As Soon As

Plans are for the April Populace meeting (April 4th) to be held on awards,
their purpose and how to submit someone for an award. The time frame will
be very tight. So, if you want to recommend someone, come prepared to hand
it in at Populace, if you have not already done before. We will be sending
ours the next day so that we will make the 3 week deadline.

In other items, the Barony of Elfsea will be investing a new Baron and
Baroness at Elfsea Springfaire in 2 weeks. We have plans of attending. A
gift basket is being prepared for the new B&B. Anyone having items for the
basket, please get with HE Kezia. Also, anyone who would like to, are
welcome to attend the event with Us. It is at the Hawkwood Faire site in
North Ft. Worth.

Due to mundane commitments, Lady Elaine de Lyons is having to step down as
Baronial Hospitaller. Our thanks go to her for the job that she done. The
hospitallers office is a very important office. Those interested in
applying for the office, please contact Lady Clarissima for more information.

Much has been covered in this weeks "Happenings". If there are any
questions, needs, etc, please get with Kezia or I and we will do our best
to help or answer them.

Good things are growing and happening in Raven's Fort.....come be part of it.

In Service,

HE Niklas and HE Kezia
Baron & Baroness of Raven's Fort

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