[Ravensfort] Steps feast for Raven's Fort ( STIR FRY! )

Brian du Val cobalt60 at lcc.net
Sun Mar 31 14:09:14 PST 2002

     At Steppes Warlord most of us are eating stir fry Saturday evening.
H.E. Nicolas and I will be Cooking. Donations of currency will be accepted.
You will pick your ingredients, and we will cook them right in front of you!
The following ingredients will be available:
lots of Rice    Bell Peppers      Broccoli    Carrots
Cashews      Mushrooms    Bokchoy    Pineapple
Green Beans     green onions and a few others I can't remember!
Precooked: Chicken and Beef, nothing hot.
Soy and some sauces will be available.
I will be cooking with sesame oil and canola oil.

                                    I hope this is of some help
        In service to the Ravens
                                            Brian   :o)

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