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Kezia (Barbara Gilbert) kezia at pbgilbert.net
Mon Nov 4 19:44:25 PST 2002

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I send this message on the choosing of our next King.

Pavilions were placed two deep to give as much shelter as possible from the cool misty skies. There were 26 great fighters to enter Crown Tourney from all areas of the Kingdom. Standing in the final round was Jason MacPherson and Miguel Sebastian. It began to rain just before the bout. The two worriers battled through the pouring rain for more than an hour before the finial blow was taken. The Prince of Ansterorra is Miguel with his Princess Conal.

Kaitlyn and Isobail sat and reviewed the books of Raven's Fort. Kaitlyn was pleased with the facts that she saw and gave Isobail leave with good words and very few changes to make.

Others of our Barony were busy cooking. Dolfin, Alwin, and Klar de Mist helped prepare  the Nobles lunch.

Thirteen of Ravens Fort  made a showing. The Baronial pavilion was placed and HL Aidan also shared her pavilion as she is an old time Ravens Fort player. I was glad to see so many of our people at this event whom showed their support and pride in their group.

in service to the people
and the Dream
HE Kezia


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