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The Canton of Gate's Edge presents
Cour d'Amour (Court of Love)
November 22 - 24, 2002
Camp Camwood (near Magnolia, Texas)

France, 1173. On a brilliant autumn day, the Queen of Love and her Ladies'
Gallery hold court to pass judgment and give instruction on the subjects of
courtesy and courtly love. For the pleasure of the Ladies and the populace,
competitors in the Pas d' Armes make a bold display. Troubadors softly sing
of love, or tell stirring tales of heroic deeds. Chivalrous behavior is
rewarded by watchful members of the populace. Honor and romance are the
order of the day.

The Canton of Gate's Edge will choose Champions for:
Heavy Armoured (aka Chivalric) Combat
Thrown Weapons

Winners will receive honor and glory, the acclaim of the populace of Gate's
Edge, pass-down banners, and nifty prizes!

Fighters, come vie in our Pas d'Armes, in which honor and chivalry are as
important as combat prowess. There will be a Ladies' Gallery, led by our
Queen of Love. And, of course, a Court of Love...

Archers, Lord Carluccio di Baia has masterminded a 'hunting' competition for
you, involving animal targets at unknown distances. There will be plenty of
archery throughout the day--and if you know Gate's Edge, you know we are
home to some of the finest and most enthusiastic archers around. Come shoot
your best!

For those who prefer Thrown Weapons--knife, axe and spear--never fear,
there's competition afoot for you as well.

Bards, sing your finest song or tell your best tale as you compete to be the
Bardic Champion of Gate's Edge!

Equestrians, Lady Guenievre Maynard promises a fun and challenging course,
with a 'romantic' theme!

As for the youngsters, there will be lots for them to do as they compete for
our Children's Championship, including a fun 'William Tell' themed archery
shoot, beading projects, and more.

Renowned medieval musical ensemble ISTANPITTA will play songs of the 12th
century troubadors.

If you like a little mystery, come and quest for honor and glory (and a nice
prize!) on the Hunt for the Unicorn!

Artisans, we invite you to share your favorite Arts and Sciences projects at
our non-competitive display, run by Mistress Shanahan the Fey.

What would a Court of Love be without dancing? Her Ladyship Signy
Gandalvsdottir will lead romantic dances in the afternoon.

If you love a good song, gather 'round the fire to sing your old favorites
at our informal evening Bardic Circle, run by the slightly mad but always
cheerful Marcus Tullus (who assures us that warm non-alcoholic wassail and
cool mint tea will be provided to soothe parched throats.)

If you'd like to support the SCA's presence at the Texas Renaissance
Festival, we will be holding a Silent Auction to benefit this important
annual demo. To donate, please contact Lady Annalies Pferdehirt at
trf_deputyliaison at hotmail.com or lancastercommunity at sbcglobal.net or
bratina at sbcglobal.net

Like to eat? Then come feast upon the sumptuous fare provided by our Feast
Steward, Lady Giselle Damask de Bier:
1st Course: honey butter, breads, mustard soup
2nd course: roast venison, beef rice, green beans, honey-glazed carrots
3rd course: roast pork, lentils and barley, spinach salad
Dessert: 'Roiel Spycery'
Beverages: tea and water

Please contact the Feast Steward, Lady Damask, at pkendrick at houston.rr.com
to make reservations, to inquire about ingredients, or if you have dietary

Merchants are welcome! To make arrangements, please contact Event Co-Steward
Lady Serin le Rapp at
serinlerapp at hotmail.com

FEES: Site fee is $8 adults, $4 ages 6 - 12, ages 5 and under free. Site
family maximum fee $24. Feast fee is $7 adult, $4 ages 6 - 12, ages 5 and
under free. Makes checks payable to the SCA Inc./Canton of Gate's Edge.

Camp Camwood is a DRY SITE. This is a requirement of the site owners and we
will honor this requirement. There is plenty of camping space, so come out
and stay with us, and enjoy the fall weather. Pets allowed on leash with
current WRITTEN proof of rabies vaccination. Horses must have written proof
of negative Coggins.

Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Minors may attend
with a 21-year old or older adult with a signed and notarized Minor Event
Waiver Form from the parents.

Please visit the event website at
http://gatesedge.ansteorra.org/files/cour.htm for directions and more
information. More details will be forthcoming on the Ansteorra-Announce
list. Please feel free to contact me, Evelun Lambert, with any questions.

Thank you--and we hope to welcome you to our Canton's fall event!
Event Co-Steward Lady Evelun Lambert
corsair at concentric.net

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