[Ravensfort] Fwd: Demo at Montgomery College?

Paul Gilbert niklas at pbgilbert.net
Tue Nov 12 14:54:35 PST 2002


William de Clare contacted me about a demo possibility at Montgomery
College in the Woodlands.

Please see below and see if we can help him out.

This demo would be to adults and in an area that we wish to increase
activity in.

It is short on time, thus plans would need to move fast.



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>Good Baron,
>     I have not been playing with the SCA for about a good year or more;
> but wondered if you had any interest in doind a demo at Montgomery North
> Harris College in the Woodlands. The heavy majority of people who attend
> there are in your barony.
>     The event is called Culture Day and will be held on November 20th
> from 12:00 - 3:00 on campus. You would be able to set up a booth and
> displays would be highly encouraged. If you are interested in it, I will
> check to see if any fighting demos can be done.
>     The event will be advertised in the local newspapers; but the campus
> has a good population without any outsiders. I am involved with some of
> the assembly of the event, so I can get lots of strings pulled for you.
>Still in service, even if its been a long while,
>William de Clare
>(Kenneth Rigali)
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