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>PS: remember if you have any question about French culture/language/food don't >forget to use the resources at hand! Ask your resident French native, I'm there to >help.

Gwen is right! We have a great knowledge base in the people of our group...

Off the top of my head...are some of the things people have depth of knowledge in....

(and who are accessible on this list)

Baroness Kezia - Turkic/Kazarian Dress and Culture, Russian Dress and Culture, Award structure

Baron Niklas - Russian Culture, SCA Law and Structure, Period Foods

Sir Kief - Storytelling, Norse/Scandinavian Culture, Marshallate rules and structure

Mistress Jalali - Near Eastern Dance, Persian Culture and Dress, music

Mistress Fionna - Tablet weaving, spinning, caligraphy

Mistress Lorraine - Norse/Germanic Culture and Dress, Byzantine Dress, SCA Law and structure, and people in the SCA...

Baronness Chrystal - Scribal Arts, Elizabethan Times, Rapeir Fighting

Baron Zorcon - Beer and Ale Brewing, Pub houses and culture, Rapier Fighting

Baron Brian - Tournament Companies, Siege Weapons, Archery, Leather work

HL Jacinth - Textiles, European Dance, Period Foods

Ld Magus - All things heraldic

Ld Jean-Michele de Meax - blade smithing, iron mongry

Ldy Elaine de Lyons - period and filk music, mead brewing

Ldy Isabeau - Horn carving, embroidery

Ldy Clarissima - Italian Culture and Food

Ld Lochlan - Period Gaming

Ldy Isobail - Blackwork, Treasurer's Policies

Ldy Miribilis - Fire dancing, American Tribal dance, mendi

and I know there's lots I've forgotten...

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