[Ravensfort] Medieval Mickey?

Olivia G. Rodrigues ladyoliviar at lycos.com
Sun Nov 17 21:57:17 PST 2002

Medieval Mickey?  It looks, to me, to resemble more Winnie the Pooh wearing a set of Mickey 'ears'...

And being un-beautified/un-cannonized by the HRC can't be all bad, can it?  You have to have been murdered, in most cases, to have received the 'title.'  Good thing SCA doesn't use the same criteria as The Vatican!

Carpe Diem Ex Illo Vitae Opprime!

On Sat, 16 Nov 2002 15:23:54
 Marivs wrote:
>Looks like proof of the infamous Mickey cult long before any of us would
>have guessed.  The Pope sez Chris is no longer a saint however.  "Mr.
>Christopher protect us" just doesn't have the same ring somehow.
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