[Ravensfort] Medieval Mickey?

Charley Atchley Charley at lcc.net
Mon Nov 18 05:48:32 PST 2002

I will wade in here, with the following summary of a three page Introduction
at the begining of "The Wordsworth Dictionary of Saints" by Alison Jones.

In the new Testament times, the tewm referd to anyone who was a memeber of
the church. During the Roman persicution, it was more often used to refer to
the people who had been "Sent to God". Many of the early saints were more
myth that actual fact. In the thirteenth centry, under Pope Gregory IX,
papal approval became the only legitamate means of confering sainthood. To
fulfil the conditions for sainthood within the Catholic church, an
individual must satisfiy an exstensive inquiry into there life and death
which seeks to establish whether the subject has performed a service of
virtue or piety. Often this will be one outstanding deed, such as the
foundation of a holy order or martyrdom. In other cases, a life of exemplary
conduct and humility may qualify a person. Claims of miracles will be
thoroghly researched to determine whether they are in fact the confirmation
of holiness.


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