[Ravensfort] ISP problems ! ! !

Shane Wallace sdwsdw30 at totalzone.com
Tue Nov 19 12:32:56 PST 2002

Good news ! ! ! Good news ! ! ! My ISP is back online ! ! ! I will now
be sending the Raven's Fort list an update about GATE/"Troll" for our up
coming event. I now have 3 people signed up and need more. Please
remember only 2 people per shift, I already have a problem with that ! !
! This is my policy in regards to that problem, First come, First serve.
Furthermore, a copy of any email in regards to this event will be "CC"
to the Autocrat and the Barony Seneschal. Now let's ALL pull together
and make this a fantastic event! ! !
In Service,
Lord Malcolm de Crauford
Hospitaler/Deputy Seneschal

P.S.-------------Please wait until the updated gate/troll list is posted
later this afternoon, before sending me your request for
shift...........Thanks ! ! !

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